A PC Tech You Can Understand

Do you get frustrated trying to talk to a computer tech in another country? You listen really carefully, but you just can’t understand what he’s saying. You are not alone! Most PC manufacturers have outsourced their technical support to distant and remote countries. Not only is the language barrier an issue, most of the technicians are reading responses from flip charts designed to be the same across the board. This type of repair does not work.

But wait! You don’t have to go through that any more and you certainly don’t need to look for a local repair company either. There is no need to haul your PC to the service shop on the other side of town and then wait for a week or more to get it back. Nor do you have to wait until number 17 in line for a repairman to schedule to come to you.

The PITMASTER is available right now, right here.

Sure, there are many online repair companies who offer remote service, but most of those are larger call centers – when you think about it, they are about as impersonal as the computer manufacturer’s technical support hotlines. Yes, there are many forums that recommend you to proceed with caution when allowing a tech to log-in to your computer. Actually, this is exceptionally good advice if you are considering some Big Box Call Center located who knows where. But when you contact me for remote service, you will be talking with me personally (I am just outside of St. Augustine, Florida and I operate a PC repair business out of my home).

No matter where you are in America, I will work with you personally to fix your software-related problem remotely, quickly and afford-ably.  As long as you have a phone and can connect to the internet, I can remote into your PC and repair almost any problem, answer questions, or instruct you how to use your computer. With over fifteen solid years of building and repairing computers, I have the experience and the know-how to fix just about any PC issues that can arise.  With today’s remote dial-in capabilities, I can access your desktop and work on your system while speaking with you on the phone, so you can watch and learn exactly what I do, or you can go on about your day. I can fix your PC online.

So the next time you need technical assistance, give me a call to fix your PC problem remotely. It is safe, secure and you will not pay if I cannot fix your problem.

With some of the lowest rates in the industry, follow this link for our Remote Support Pricing schedule.

If you are ready to get started and you’d like me to call you to talk about the remote support options offered, you can Get Remote Help HERE. Just fill in the form; if it is  a weekday I will typically call you within the hour.

But that is not all we do!  The-PC-Pitstop also offers a variety of PC information and helpful advice, PC tools and resources, plus computer parts and systems for those who want to buy from a reputable company.

Visit the PIT CORNER where you’ll find up-to- date PC news, PIT FREEBIES offers free stuff like where you can learn MS Word or where you can get more info about Cleaning your PC, Spyware, Malware and Viruses or how to use MS Power Point. PIT STUFF where you can find the best PC hardware and PC upgrade items at the most awesome prices, and the PIT BLOG where we talk about anything related to computers and technology, and welcome your comments!

So whether you are a seasoned PC driver or a computer rookie, bookmark this site for remote PC repairs, no matter where you live, all the latest PC information and many items that we’re giving away free. Keep your PC out of the PIT and running at peak performance down that Super Speedway to Victory Lane.